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The Advanced Pain & Spine Institute provides a wide array of procedures and services designed to treat your pain. We utilize interventional approaches to treat painful conditions such as but not limited to: herniated disc, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, vertebral fractures, CRPS, post herpetic neuralgia, spinal arthritis, and facet pain, whip-lash, joint pain, occipital headaches, and sympathetic nerve pain.

In addition to our interventional approach, APSI comprehensive management includes full spectrum of treatments that are non-interventional. These include medication management and behavioral therapy and other complimentary therapies with the goal of improving your function and quality of life as well as reducing your pain. We also provide advanced interventions such as spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency ablation, and kyphoplasty.

  • "My wife was diagnosed with R.S.D. and C.R.P.S in early 2006 and for the first time since then I can see signs of her old self with the radio frequency and injections given by Dr. Kerschner’s office. She has truly been a God send, not only to my wife, but also to me and our family. Thank you, Dr. Kerschner."

    - Wyatt

  • "Dr. Kerschner is a miracle worker. I have been going through this for over 6 years. Dr. Kerschner has gotten me back to having a life. If anyone needs a great doctor when in severe pain, she is the one to come to. Without her, I don’t know what I would have done. With her, I can live pain free. She is a wonderful doctor. No one like her! The office is like a home and the staff that work there are like family. I love them all."

    - Eugenia

  • "Before I came to see Dr. Kerschner, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get off the couch. I couldn’t even go for a drive more than 30 minutes. I was in severe pain. I had back surgery that did not help my pain and the pain pills I was given didn’t work. When I came to see Dr. Kerschner, she cared, listened to me, and started the injection therapy. What a change for me. I was able to feel alive again. I could get out for a drive, take walks, and started doing light house work. I was finally enjoying life again. I am so thankful for her for giving my life back. Thank you, Dr. Kerschner!"

    - Tina

  • "Dr. Kerschner has helped very much with her injections treatment. I can walk without my cane or walker. I can’t believe the difference! I get around up and down. I would tell anybody how well it works. I also don’t need pain meds, which is great!"

    - Janice

  • "I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis for over four years. With this, I have suffered severe pain for about six years. I have been taking a lot of narcotic pain relievers without much relief, with continued increase in the medications. Since coming to Dr. Kerschner, I have had the most relief that I have ever had, and have been able to return to my normal daily activity without so much pain and have actually been able to decrease the pain meds. Dr. Kerschner and her staff are very caring and have an understanding of how pain can be so debilitating. I have recommended Dr. Kerschner to others and they  had the same relief as I. I would recommend Dr. Kerschner to anyone with pain."

    - Elizabeth

  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Kerschner for more than four years. Before I was her patient, I suffered terribly with chronic back pain, as I have a bulging disc in my back along with arthritis and osteoporosis. I received the Radio Frequency on both sides of my back in May of 2012. The pain scale after the frequency on my lumbar and cervical area dropped from an eleven to a one. Oh my, what a relief! Life is so much better for me because of Dr. Kerschner, I swear by her. This procedure lasted about sixteen months. I am just finishing my second round after sixteen months. Take it from me, she is wonderful. I have recommended her to everyone I know who is suffering from chronic pain. I followed her from Brown County to Maysville and am so glad I did. Thank you, Dr. Kerschner!"

    - Charyl

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